How Email Verification Works

There are several layers to the verification process

The first layer is to perform “syntax” checks; these are essentially tests to ensure that each email address conforms to internationally set email standards (RFC). This checks for correct formatting and that invalid characters are not present in the email addresses.

The second layer is to perform domain name lookups to establish that the domain part of the email address (i.e. the part after the @) actually exists.

The third layer is to check that the domain has been configured to accept emails (MX lookup).

The final layer is to check that the user exists (i.e. the part before the @). We don’t actually send an email to the address, we just initiate a connection to the mail server, retrieve the response and abort the process before an email is actually sent.

More than just verification – thorough cleansing!
This is what makes our service truly unique. We not only do the email address verification process, we do so much more!
We repair your data to fix common typos e.g. where becomes and run the repaired address through the next layer of checks.
We report back to you the results of each layer of the verification process, showing which email addresses have failed a check.
You can define custom rules to remove certain types of email address e.g. all addresses containing “support@” or “info@” etc. or all addresses for a certain domain e.g. “”. 
We will also remove duplicates from your list (de-dupe) to ensure you do not email the same contact more than once.

No other service that can do this level of email list cleaning.
And unlike other providers, our process is completely automated which enables us to keep the cost very low.
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