Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you send an actual email out to each contact as part of your checks?
NO, absolutely not! We never send an email.
Q. How do I know that my data is secure if I upload it to your website?
We use highly secure servers in our data centre facility based in London Docklands. This is one of the high-tech centres of the world. Our systems are extremely secure as we use network and database partitioning to ensure all data is kept well away from web facing systems.
Q. Can I contact you if I come across a problem?
YES, we are not a faceless Internet company. Customer support is key to our service. Follow the “Contact” link at the foot of the page to get in touch by email or phone.
Q. Who is the company behind
Our company Secure Email Hosting Ltd., registered in the UK, was founded in early 2009. The founder, Jonathan Rodger, has run several successful internet businesses in the areas of secure online payments and email marketing. See Jonathan’s public profile on LinkedIn.
Q. What format is the final cleaned list in?
We will provide the final cleaned list, plus a separate list of failed addresses, in CSV (comma separated) format. This can be imported directly into common desktop applications such as Excel etc.


Q. What format do you require our data to be in?
Similarly, we require your lists in CSV format.
Q. How do you do the verification?
We use several layers of verification to clean your lists. Please see a detailed explanation on how we verify emails.
Q. How accurate is the verification?
We typically achieve a 95% accuracy rate. There may be some situations where the recipient’s ISP reports a false positive (i.e. says the user exists but actually it does not) but because we use several layers of verification we are able to correctly determine the status of an email address in the vast majority of cases.
Q. Can you detect where greylisting is used?
YES, we can usually tell if the email address has this enabled, and will report back accordingly.
Q. How long does it take to clean my lists?
Because the service is automated, no human intervention is required so the whole process is much faster than with traditional list cleaning services. For lists under 100,000 the process take a couple of hours. For larger lists please allow up to 12 hours. This is due to the time it takes to perform the user verification with multiple ISPs.