Benefits of our email list verification service

Save money on email delivery fees by reducing your list size to a more realistic level – why pay extra fees for sending to dud email addresses?
No software to download as the system is a cloud based service hosted on our servers. We use our own servers to process the email list cleaning tools, which means you won’t risk getting your own IP addresses blacklisted.
Avoid problems with your email service provider (ESP). Many ESPs like MailChimp, iContact etc. now have very strict thresholds on the amount of bounced emails you are allowed before they suspend or close your account, especially if you are new to them.
If you’re a list owner or broker why not use our service to provide independent verification of your list quality to potential purchasers and advertisers.
Improve your deliverability by reducing the amount of expired emails you attempt to send. ISPs will degrade your emails if they see you are sending to a high percentage of unknown or expired users. Sending to a clean list will greatly enhance your sender reputation score.
Email data can decay at an alarming 30% per year, so make sure you keep the bad stuff out and only send to valid emails. It will pay for itself many times over with reduced sending fees and less issues with your ESP.
Avoid spam-traps: expired email accounts are often recycled by ISPs to use as spam-traps. If you still have one of these email addresses on your list you will get blacklisted in no time.