Verify email addresses with our unique automated service
Need to clean your email lists?
Looking for email address verification?
Do you have problems with large
numbers of bounced emails?
Are you experiencing unacceptable
levels of spam complaints?
Are you a list broker and need 3rd
party verification of your lists ?
Quite simply, EmailListCleaning is the most complete and
cost-effective service for removing undeliverable emails
from your lists. Using a sophisticated, automated program
we sweep your lists removing incorrect and expired email
addresses. Our program does multiple checks on various
aspects of each email address to ensure your lists are kept
as clean as possible.
We process on average over 1 million emails per day!
Why use our service?
There are so many reasons why you may need to verify
emails on your lists. If you haven’t marketed to them for
a while, you will get a high proportion of invalid emails
and bounces. This can do real harm to your reputation as
an email marketer, not only with ISPs but also with your
email service provider (ESP).
See the full benefits of email verification here. 
What criteria do we use to verify emails?
We use multiple layers of email verification including
syntax checks, domain checks, and user checks.
Not just email verification!
As well as cleaning your lists, we will repair the data too.
How does this work? Well, we can repair common typos
such as “” becomes “”.
We’ll then run the corrected email address through our
additional domain and user checks. We also suggest other
types of repair to the data, which you can select to
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